Gwaelod y Garth Primary School is a dual stream community school which provides its pupils with education through the medium of Welsh or English depending on parental choice.



Tric a Chlic
Tric a Chlic is a multisensory approach to teaching phonics skills that underpins the teaching of reading. It teaches the sounds and forms letters. It also teaches strategies to read and build words to aid with spelling. It encourages read with fluency and expression.

In Ysgol Gwaelod y Garth we teach Tric a Chlic in 3 stages:
1. Whole class teaching - a session of 5-10 minutes three times a week
2. Focus group sessions regularly (according to ability level)
3. Incorporate the skills taught to all areas of learning Tric a Chlic is introduced in the Nursery and extended upon in the Derbyn. The children move through the stages according to their individual abilities and we have already noticed that children are ready to read quicker. But the children who need more support are also being supported through this scheme.

The year 1 class is using the program with selected groups of children and we also use the program to support Key Stage 2 children who need additional support in language.

Write Dance

Ragnhild Oussoren first developed the Write Dance approach when working as a graphologist in The Netherlands. She based the method on ‘writing psychology’ from France, which can be traced to the late 19th century as well as ‘writing-teaching’ from Germany that dates back to the 1960s.
The unique aspect of the programme is the use of music and dance. This combination of rhythmic and then melodic pieces of music are chosen so the children can follow and learn specific movements to develop their physical skills including, balance, coordination, flexibility and stamina.

The Aim
Is to teach fluent, flowing and flexible handwriting.

The Method
The training uses imaginative drawing, music and rhymes to develop the early skills in language, visual perceptual skills, handwriting and social skills. Music is central to the teaching of Write Dance; it supports and inspires the movements. It provides cues for the children so that they can internalise the rhythm and movement sequences.

The Principles
There are seven movement principles that form the basis of letter formation, and cursive script. These are taught using physical demonstration and participation.

1) Straight lines; 2) Rounded shapes; 3)Circle movements; 4) Angled movements; 5) Direction up/down 6) Size – whole body movements progressing to finer and more controlled movements; 7) Figure of eight to cross the ‘midline’

Introducing Lessons
There are nine lessons with accompanying music. When introducing lessons the teacher models the actions and movements for the class, while describing the actions (vocabulary of movement/direction)

Repeat the actions and story with music

Play music and demonstrate actions but this time using the movements as crayon drawing actions on the page. Move and write draw for the children to follow.

Move around the groups of children to check if they are holding crayons, one in each hand with a flexible grip and not a rigid hammer grip
Musical Services
The school recieves musical lessons oddi wrth CAVMS a CCVG. For more information, visit their website.

• Give lots of praise and encouragement.
• Lots of discussion about what is being read improves comprehension skills.
• Reading aloud to children of all ages, even when they become fluent readers develops reading and writing skills.
• Find a comfortable and quiet place to read and share books.
• Stop when children are tired.
• Read at all times of the day, not just at bedtime.
• A range of reading material is important; fiction, nonfiction, poetry, comic, newspaper..
• Join the local library.
• All adults are good reading role models. Reading and rereading of old favourites or a simpler text every now and again develops many skills, repetition aids learning.

The school has an official uniform and we encourage the children to wear it every day. The school colours are blue and grey and the school uniform can be ordered direct from the suppliers – Merlin Sports, Pontypridd. It is possible to order direct from Merlin Sports - www.merlin-sports.co.uk